I am running for Mayor of Little Rock because I want to work to make sure the Little Rock enjoyed by my kids, and other kids growing up in the city, is better than what we have now. I believe we can experience the change needed in our city to get there without having to compromise our integrity. To do this I want to make sure Little Rock is a great place to live, that we improve our public safety efforts, we strengthen our neighborhoods, and we invest in our small businesses all while making transparency and accountability more important than ever. I am a lifelong citizen of the Little Rock area and a neighbor to 200,000 other people that share this common connection. I believe that the only way we thrive is if we work on building up all of us collectively. I believe that means listening to people who don’t agree with you, collaborating with people that have a different view of the world, and understanding that our collective power as a city is far better when we make decisions with open ears and an open mind. Join me so we can move Little Rock Forward, Together

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Make Little Rock a Great Place to Live

As mayor, above all, I want to make Little Rock a great place to live now and for generations to come. I will put a focus on prioritizing residential life and use that objective to make policy decisions. 

A few of the ways I think we can accomplish this are:

  • Prioritizing residents of the city in road/infrastructure planning.
  • Invest in the Arts and Culture of the city.
  • Improve in the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and be a regional leader in the Central Arkansas Greenway system.
  • Advance public education by advocating for public schools, incentivizing resident public school teachers, and working to extend learning opportunities for our youth.
  • Work within our homeless and unsheltered communities to ensure the needs of every resident of Little Rock is met, housed or not.

Increase Public Safety

As mayor I want to make Little Rock a safe and enjoyable city for all. I will focus on enhancing all aspects of public safety by implementing a ground up approach to addressing crime before it happens. 

  • Increase hiring and pay in police, fire, and 911 call center staff.
  • Better evaluation of technology assets to make sure what we pay for is actually worth the investment.
  • Work to improve cooperation, respect, and morale inside the police department to help everyone work toward a common goal.
  • Improve cooperation with neighborhoods to increase awareness of potential situations before they exist.
  • Work on long term strategies to curb the factors contributing to crime such as increasing education levels and improving recreational options.

Create Stronger Neighborhoods

As mayor I will focus on making our neighborhoods stronger and empower residents to play a bigger role in the city.  

  • Implement a stronger, more strategic city planning to make sure growth is happening in ways that are best for the long term viability of Little Rock.
  • Prioritize infill by incentivising rebuilding our vacant lots and rehabilitating structures on our unsafe/vacant list. 
  • Adjusting centuries old zoning, building, and planning codes to allow for more affordable housing options.
  • Work with City Directors to identify projects in each ward based on the unique and individual needs of the local neighborhoods.
  • Increase cooperation with neighborhood associations to invest in places where people live through grants, neighborhood watches, and community policing.

Invest in Our Small Businesses

As mayor I will work to help grow and strengthen the heart of our economy, which is our locally owned small businesses

  • Create a city based economic development center to plan strategic growth within our business community.
  • Streamline the process for starting a small business and implement a business coordinator as a resource for businesses to get answers and guidance.
  • Focus on retention and expansion efforts for our existing businesses to help them grow.
  • Adjust the city contract bidding process to ensure Little Rock contracts with capable local business when available. 

Transparent Government

As mayor I want to make Little Rock a leader in municipal government transparency. We will be open and honest with information, proactive in request, and hold accountability as a high standard that we operate.

  • Work with invested third parties to build an easy to manage information request policy.
  • Proactively make top requested documents available without request.
  • Frequently review FOIA request response times and evaluate to increase efficiency.
  • Proactively release annual spending reports on discretionary spending from mayor’s office.
  • Restrict spending without board notification on contracts that fall just below the limit requiring city board approval.

About Greg

I grew up in the central Arkansas area and have been a lifelong resident. I live in the downtown neighborhood area, where I am very active, with my wife Brandie and two kids Ava and Aiden. 

I graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in Political Science and have stayed active in local politics since. I additionally worked toward a master’s degree in Applied Communication, focusing on crisis communication, completing the coursework from UALR.

Throughout my career I have worked to help small businesses through consulting, marketing, and business planning. In 2012 I started my own business, Rock City Eats, to highlight and promote local restaurants while providing them consulting and marketing services. In 2021 I began a commercial real estate service to help new and existing businesses plan for locations, buy or lease locations, and develop strategies to make them profitable quickly. 

I have served on multiple advisory boards, worked with numerous non-profits, and volunteer my time whenever I get a chance. 

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